Notfallregister Bayern

Notfallregister Bayern

Project management for the establishment of a Bavarian Emergency Registry


Thomas M. Deserno

Project partners


The initiator is the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior and for Integration (Verfahren: 0270.ZV−11−24−17 − Projektmanagement Notfallregister).


Emergency medicine has established itself as the third pillar of health care alongside outpatient and inpatient care. Many of the emergency medical variables are still unexplored. However, knowledge of these variables is essential in order to ensure adequate, up-to-date and economically viable medical care for emergency patients.

The medical care of the emergency patient begins with the incoming emergency call. The timely arrival of a rescue team appropriate to the situation is important, even in rural areas. However, the care does not end with delivery to the emergency room, as diagnosis and further treatment usually take place in the hospital. The integration of data from the preclinical phase with data from outpatient and inpatient care in a Bavarian Emergency Registry enables the assessment of the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of various measures and changes along the rescue chain. In addition, these data can be used to make reliable statements about the effects of emergency medical care planning on patients.

PLRI is currently the only competence center in Germany that combines accident research with medical informatics in a research focus Accident and Emergency Informatics. PLRI will provide the necessary medical informatics competence within the framework of the rough and detailed conception, define the (emergency) medical variables and the necessary interfaces and monitor the implementation of the register accordingly.


07/2018 - 12/2019