Modern, Safe and Independent Living in Health


Corinna Mielke

Project partners

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ambet e.V: Ambulante Betreuung hilfs- und pflegebedürftiger Menschen e. V.


The project "Modern, Safe and Independent Living in Health" (MSSWG) aims to develop a non-technical catalog of services and measures for the provision of comfort and safety through AAL technologies, which is adapted to the needs and requirements of different groups of tenants. In addition, the data collected in this way will be analyzed with the aim of obtaining new diagnostic findings, in particular, which will be helpful for tenants or their providers with regard to safe and self-determined living in health.

To this end, a research register for the collection, compilation and storage of health-related data that can be acquired within the apartment by means of room-related sensors is to be set up. The health-related data include everyday activities, processes and habits, movement, hygiene and nutritional behavior, and indoor climate.

Based on the data from the register, analyses are to be carried out to identify generally valid patterns, taking into account data protection. These patterns should provide added value for living in a familiar environment, both in health and in sickness, and allow conclusions to be drawn for the development of the non-technical catalog of services and measures in existing apartments.

Within the framework of the project, the necessary infrastructure for this research register is to be established. This requires on the one hand the equipment of apartments with spatial sensor technology and on the other hand the realization of the research register. The housing project Ilmenaustraße is intended to equip the apartments through the reconstruction, whereby during the planning it is already taken into account that this infrastructure can be installed in the inhabited state of the apartments. The PLRI will be responsible for setting up and administering the register and will also store the data. In addition to planning the infrastructure, the involvement and sensitization of the caretakers and tenants is an essential component of the project. For this purpose, information events are to be held for the supervisors and tenants.


Oktober 2014 – Juni 2016


research assistance

The housing project Ilmenaustraße is located at Ilmenaustraße 2, 38120 Braunschweig and is a facility for assisted living which is accompanied by ambet e.V.: Ambulante Betreuung hilfs- und pflegebedürftiger Menschen e. V.