Biosignal Lab

General Aim

The PLRI Biosignal Lab provides various mobile and mounted devices for (biomedical) signal and image recording in order to develop and directly test methodological approaches for analytics and integration of these signals. The use of sensors in the home, in the vehicle or on the human body usually generates biomedical signals with poor signal-to-noise ratios, offsets and data gaps. Particular challenges are faced with respect to reliable and robust recording, secure transfer, and semantic integration of this data. In addition, automatic data analytics requires particularly robust algorithms.

The sensor technology of the Biosignal Lab is also used in teaching students in all stages from signal generation to signal analysis in practice. At PLRI students can learn medical signal and image processing on their own data. In this way, the theoretical knowledge from the lectures can be effectively implemented and intensified in the exercises.

Special Devices

The BioSignal Lab is equipped with several state-of-the-art mobile signal recorders and medical imaging devices:

In addition, the Biosignal Lab provides:

In addition, the PLRI has a VW Tiguan and ID.4 to conduct studies to determine breathing and heart rate.