Witra Care

Witra Care

Make Tacit Knowledge of Nurses Visible


Marianne Behrends

Project partners

Nursing Department, Hannover Medical School:
Iris Meyenburg-Altwarg, Executive Board
Regina Schmeer


Witra Care was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (grant number 16SV6380)


The aim of the project is to develope methods that allow the transfer of tacit knowledge in nursing in explicit, systematic knowledge by using information and communication technologies.
Sharing tacit knowledge has become increasingly important for many organizations, particularly in healthcare. Nursing skills are significantly influenced by tacit knowledge. A successful transfer of tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge may improve the quality of nursing. Tacit knowledge only becomes visible in learning situations. The aim is to encourage nurses to communicate about their learning experiences with others and to share their tacit knowledge.
Members of the nursing staff who are newly incorporated should document their learning experiences in various situations of their daily work. In order to generate digital learning diaries nurses get equipped with mobile devices like mobile phone, tablets or vr-glasses. The learning experiences are examined with regard to their significance for sharing tacit knowledge.

Prime Minister Stephan Weil showed interest in the project Witra Care at the dem 2. Demographic Congress of the Government of Lower Saxony in Hanover in June 2015.


  1. März 2014 bis 30. Juni 2015