Smart Home for Medicine

Smart Home for Medicine

Research Apartment Halberstadtstraße (HSS)


Corinna Mielke

Project partners

Nibelungen Wohnbau GmbH


Health Enabling Technologies (HET), and in particular Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), are intended to contribute to health and quality of life by providing support through new communication and information technology integrated into the everyday environment. The living environment is particularly suitable for the unobtrusive integration of new sensor and actuator systems. While many research approaches and projects currently exist not only at the PLRI, which are to be understood as proposed solutions, the transfer of the results into everyday life has not yet been successful.

The research apartment Halberstadtstraße is an attempt to realize a comprehensively equipped demonstrator HET. As a research tool, this demonstrator will enable an efficient implementation of new HET and help to evaluate them under controlled real conditions. The new research instrument thus becomes the missing link between laboratory environment and real life environment. In the research apartment Halberstadtstraße selected persons can live for a certain period of time and experience the added value of such a "smart home".

The scientific monitoring in a real controlled living environment allows for continuous monitoring of behavioral patterns and habits of both healthy and sick persons, the evaluation of new HET, as well as the implementation of demand analyses and acceptance studies.


July 2012 – May 2020


research assistants

our Research Apartment is located at: Halberstadtstraße 4, 38124 Braunschweig