Using gigapixel technology in medical education


Thomas Kupka

Project partners

Dr. Stefanie Groos, Institute for Cellular Biology in the Centre for Anatomy, Hannover Medical School


In medical education microscopic methods are used for several subjects. Therefore the analysis of microscopic specimens is an important part of medical studies. Due to the time limit during practical microscopy courses students are gladly taking the possibility to repeat the learning material with digitalised microscopic slides provided in the web-based e-learning programme Medical Schoolbook Cell Biology. So far the microscopic images were provided in a certain magnification. In the gigapixel project an interactive approach to the microscopic slides via virtual microscopy is created. For this, the images must contain a large amount of detailed information. The resolution of gigapixel images is in the dimension of one billion pixels. This high density in detail implies specific challenges for the production, the processing and the provision of these images. In the gigapixel project we acquire and implement solutions for these challenges.