eLearning in Continuing Education

Digital training courses for employees in an university hospital


Kevin Meyer


Inside a university medical center is a great need for further education and on-the-job-training for all groups of employees. The use of technologies and medical devices in healthcare requires regular instruction in their use. In addition, training on data protection, work safety and hygiene regulations are necessary, sometimes even mandatory by law. Furthermore, employees in medical care, nursing care and administration are interested in training programs to develop their career and to acquire further skills. In the medical center, the development and provision of training courses is carried out by various departments or by company-wide units which incorporate special topics such as workplace safety, staff development or training in the use of technical devices.

To facilitate accessibility of training courses for various professionals at any time, it is useful to offer e-learning. By providing educational content over the web, employees can plan their learning phases flexibly according to individual interests, skills and time resources. Particularly for employees who work shifts, e-learning enables them to participate in a training course. Thus, e-learning offers flexibility, adaptability and personalized use of content for the employees. Moreover, for companies e-learning offers the possibility to measure and to evaluate learning behavior and success of the employees. To meet the requirements of legally obligated trainings, a form of monitoring mechanism is mandatory to verify conducted training sessions and record passed exams.

The objective of this project is the introduction of an e-learning platform as a central training platform at Hannover Medical School (MHH). The MHH is a university medical center with 7,610 employees and 2,960 students.


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