Sovereign digital teaching and learning in Lower Saxony


Marianne Behrends

Project partners


Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre


The pandemic has presented universities with various challenges, so that for a long time the focus was on maintaining teaching operations as well as possible through the pragmatic use of digital teaching/learning technologies. Gradually, spaces are now opening up for critical reflection and questions about the future. In the search for answers and solutions, eight universities in Lower Saxony and ELAN e.V. joined forces in SOUVER@N to pool their expertise, experience and resources in a coordinated manner.

By promoting sovereign, digitally supported teaching and learning, teachers and students should be supported in the learning goal-oriented, competent and legally compliant use of digital tools and prepared for the digitized world. In the SOUVER@N project, digitally enriched teaching/learning concepts and content are developed together. The project measures aim to strengthen the digital sovereignty and literacy of the universities as institutions.

The synergy effects arising from the project cooperation concern to the fields of IT, services/ support, content and network structures. The expertise and competencies find together along newly created structures and already existing cooperations are intensified. According to the project vision, the results and structures created can be used to set up a nationwide network in the medium term.

In the work package content/ OER, the MHH, in cooperation with the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover, is significantly responsible for the development of an offer to teach digital teaching skills for tutors. A concept for an asynchronous online learning program is being developed to impart digital communication skills, media didactic skills, pedagogical reflection knowledge as well as knowledge on technical and didactic issues. The learning management system of the MHH is to be used as the learning platform for the initial implementation of the training.

In the field of IT basis, the introduction of Opencast at the MHH is planned. Opencast is an open source solution for managing audio and video content, especially for the recording and distribution of lectures.

In addition, the MHH eLearning team is involved in various cross-site working groups to exchange experiences and offers in the area of IT services.