Die Zukunftswohnung

Die Zukunftswohnung

AAL apartments in research and practice


Corinna Mielke

Project partners


Metropolregion Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg, Amt für regionale Landesentwicklung Leine-Weser


The project investigates modern, technology-supported forms of housing for comfortable and safe lifestyles in the face of demographic change. The three main challenges are as follows:

  1. Currently, there are too few apartments equipped with home automation systems and thus too little data on the living behaviour of the residents, which is urgently required for basic medical research, and too little data on the acceptance, real utility and suitability for everyday use of the technology.
  2. There are (still) no home automation systems that meet the requirements for data security, energy consumption and performance to be able to use them for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.
  3. There is (still) no standard for technology to support everyday life and no economic concepts for the conversion of existing dwellings that are adapted to actual needs beyond model projects.

The aim of the project is to address these challenges and thus contribute to the reduction of these factors. A total of four projects with nine equipped apartments will be accompanied in this context, converted and used for research in the medical field.

Projekt 1:
Bochumer Straße 1, Braunschweig-Querum, House of the Nibelungen-Wohnbau-GmbH, 6 apartments
The apartments have been equipped and converted and are now entering the "living and development phase", which will be accompanied by scientific research. The home automation system installed in the flat is to be continuously further developed, among other things with regard to the focus on applicability for medical care.

Projekt 2:
llmenaustraße 2, Braunschweig-Weststadt, House of the >Wiederaufbau< eG, 1 apartment
The apartment has been equipped and converted and is now in regular operation with a selected tenant who is open to research. The data in this apartment is to be collected and evaluated in order to gain new insights into the use of home automation systems for medical care.

Projekt 3 + 4 :
Köslinerstraße 29, Goslar and Ziegelei 8, Seesen, Houses of the >Wiederaufbau< eG, 2 apartments
Within the project, the technical equipment of the apartments, the subsequent supervision, the evaluation of the experiences and the adaptation of the house automation to the experiences of the lessee takes place. The aim is to develop an economic concept which is adapted to the actual needs of the tenants in order to be able to implement these beyond the model apartments.

Further information and details about the apartments can be found at: http://www.die-zukunftswohnung.de/


Juli 2016 - Dezember 2019