Cross-institutional and data-driven decision-support for intensive care environments


Antje Wulff

Project partners


Within our CADDIE project, we aim at developing and implementing Clinical Decision-Support Systems (CDSS) in the context of (paediatric) intensive care. We strive to develope interoperable CDSS to support complex and knowledge-intensive use cases. Our research is focused on achieving semantic interoperability in CDSS to facilitate their cross-institutional reuse in a 'plug-and-play'-like fashion.


To bridge the interoperability gap between local infrastructures and CDSS, we focuse on developing CDSS using an openEHR-based data repository (see HaMSTR). OpenEHR allows the representation of complex clinical concepts in a standardised and semantically-enriched format to provide data and information about these concepts for interexchange with other institutions or querying. Furthermore, the reference model provides a standardised querying language (Archetype Query Language, AQL) and terminology binding features.

As a first step, we developed a CDSS prototype for the paediatric intensive care of the Hannover Medical School. The CDSS is based on expert rules and supports the detection of the Systemic Inflammatory Respone Syndrome (SIRS). Further research work will comprise: